Victor and Claire

We are a two person editing team! Victor and I met back in 2012, and have since been married and have an (adorable) toddler together! I, Claire, have run a wedding photography business for the last seven years, and I fully understand and appreciate the work that goes into running your business and keeping up with the editing. I’ve had Victor right by my side to shoot and edit weddings with me since 2013. Victor’s almost 20 years experience working in print and color management technology has been a huge asset to understanding all things Lightroom editing, including color correcting, workflow, import presets, camera profiles, and monitor calibration. We’ve always loved editing and see such a big need for private editors in the wedding and portrait photography business. Outsourcing is a great way to hand off “the busy work” to make time for yourself and to grow your business. So here we are and happy to help!