Taryn Wortman

Hey there!

If you’re reading this, you’ve reached a point where you’re at least considering outsourcing your editing or album design; that’s awesome. Congrats! 

I’m a boutique album designer and photo editor with more than a decade of experience. I love being part of a community that’s growing together and elevating the photography industry to a whole new level.

Outsourcing is a big step, but it’s a smart strategy that can give you your life back. That’s time you can use to expand your clientele, catch up on your to do list, or even do something fun with your kids on a week night.

As a wife and mom (two and four legged varieties) this is something I understand all too well! I’m not a photographer but I managed photography, for a nationally known university, for nearly eight years before I made the leap and started my own small business.

When we collaborate you’ll get a one-on-one relationship, open communication, timely responses, and consistency. My goal is to mirror your distinct style and make it look like you edited every image yourself.

***I love light and airy, too! I just don’t have any light and airy clients that will allow me to share their images.

I’m an iced tea addict and peanut butter enthusiast based just outside of Philadelphia. In my free time, I like to bake, crochet, volunteer and travel as often as life allows.

Ready to get started? Contact me and talk about how I can help you find some of that elusive work-life balance.