Melanie Moss Creative

Hello, busy photographer!  Are you looking to improve your 2018 workflow so you can reduce stress, find more time to do what you love and increase profitability? My services may be the answer to your needs! My private editing business exists so you can:

  • Find stress-relief from all the hours of editing that continually piles up
  • Focus on taking care of YOU by creating marginal hours in your life to do more of what you love, both in your personal life and business
  • Foster profitability as your time is freed up to master social media marketing, enhance your client experience, or book additional weddings

When hiring me, you will find I have systems already in place that will make our outsourcing relationship thrive. These systems will allow you to experience:

  • An easy-to-learn workflow that will make outsourcing simple and efficient
  • Custom turnaround times catered to your wedding workflow
  • Consistency in your edits that will align with your creative vision
  • Quick communication and feedback throughout our entire editing relationship

I work best with busy photographers who are confident in their style and who are willing to invest in a service that will bring rest to their personal life while taking their business to the next level.  My goal is to help you be the best YOU by freeing up your precious time to do more of what you love!

Contact me today!  I cannot wait to serve you through editing!


Melanie Moss

*All images edited by me for Rachel Howerton Photography