Mandy Ford

Thank you for considering me to become your private editor! I’m so excited to build a working relationship with you!

What I find most appealing about wedding photography is the editing process. I love curling up in front of my computer with a cup of coffee, relaxing, laughing at my screen (you know you do it too), while I relive entire day. Similar to painting, gardening, or yoga – its where I find my chill. I strive for satisfyingly cohesive, flawless skin tones that are tailored to fit your brand.

My One-On-One Boutique Editing Approach:

  • This unique one-on-one service allows us to build trust in the editing process
  • Gorgeous, cohesive lighting that blends throughout the day
  • Pricing includes basic crop & straighten, lighting, and exposure correction
  • Focus on meeting your unique editing style
  • Efficient 5-7 business day turnaround time
  • Feedback and communication throughout the entire process

I’m a military spouse, and let me tell you when I say – relocating a photography business is NO fun. (I’ve done it three times!) When my husband got orders from Virginia Beach to middle of nowhere Fallon, Nevada (Google it for a laugh) I could have cried. With boutique editing, I have finally found a way to do what I love and be connected to the photography industry, without having to start over with the next move the moment I get my business back up and running again. I’m so excited to work with you, and to fall in love with your weddings like they’re my own!