Mackenzie Kelly Editing Boutique

Hi Friend!

Outsourcing your editing is HUGE! It’s huge in the amount of time it will save you, but it’s also huge because entrusting your images to someone else can be a scary thing. You need someone who is not only able to accurately replicate your style, but who is also reliable, trustworthy, and who makes you feel comfortable with the process.

I am here to alleviate the stress of editing from your shoulders and free you up to spend your time doing the things you love, instead of being stuck behind a computer screen.

These are your images, your vision, your work, and they should reflect YOU as an artist, which is why I carefully tailor each project to match your style. I will work in close partnership with you to produce an end result that you and your clients will LOVE!

Let’s chat about how we can work together to streamline your workflow!