Katie Rivera

**Currently accepting two clients for 2018! Get in touch ASAP!**


As a previous high-volume hybrid (film and digital) wedding photographer, I know how hard it may be to provide your high quality edits of your work during the busier seasons and manage a business while trying to maintain a work-life balance. It seems impossibly sometimes!

Allow me to help alleviate some of the time you spend behind the computer! My passion is helping other photographers gain back their time and apply where it’s needed; whether that be more family time, more time for your clients, or simply more time to help grow & maintain your thriving business!


+ One-on-one private outsourcing experience that involves open communication, feedback, and growth

+ Open and valued communication that will always allow for feedback to ensure I achieve your exact style

+ One-on-one editing relationship establishes consistency throughout all of your sessions and weddings

+ Invest in an editor that wants to spend the time and care it requires to learn & maintain the quality of your brand

+ Give yourself more to time to serve your own clients to the fullest!

+Invest in an editor that has experience & specializing in film emulation & hybrid editing


All of the photos you see on this site and in my Pricing Guide are my photos shot and edited by me! 


Think we are a great fit? Awesome! I cannot wait to get to know you and your brand! You can fill out my contact form on my site. My website is currently under construction as I rebrand, so please excuse some of the missing posts or links throughout the site.