A note from Jordan and Marissa


Hey! It’s Jordan and Marissa, the founders of Edit Source!

As parents of three amazing kiddos, and after 10 years of military moves, Marissa finally found the PERFECT career that has given us our DREAM LIFESTYLE. Actually, it has given many folks their dream lifestyle.

Through outsourcing directly to Marissa, many photographers were given exactly what they needed – TIME! Marissa was able to give them their time back to spend with their family and friends, and GROWING THEIR BUSINESS. Lot’s of growth! It has been a real treat to see the amazing things photographers have done with some extra time on their hands.

This career has also been incredible for our family 🙂 So great, that we’ve decided to share all about this business and promote a community of outsourcing directly to editors! Edit Source solves the problem of FINDING the right editor – through simple listings and filters we hope every photographer can connect with the right editor, and every editor will have a means to share their service with the photographer community.

It’s a win – win 🙂


Need to get ahold of us?


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