Outsource direct to your private photo editor

Gain consistency and get your time back! You deserve it!

Why should I outsource directly to a private editor?

  1. Consistency. Outsourcing directly to a private photo editor ensures you have the same editor working your photos each and every session.
  2. Style Relationship. It is very important that your photos match your artistic styling, after all, your personal touch is what makes you unique as a photographer. Establishing a long-term relationship with a dedicated photo editor allows enough repetition for the editor to really lock in your style.
  3.  Workflow. The cloud era has really made transferring digital files a breeze and supports a simple workflow between photographers and long-distance photo editors. Establishing a 1-on-1 editing relationship allows the photographer and editor to establish workflow standards that match the photographers needs.

Outsource? What should I expect?

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Founder’s Note from Marissa Lynn

Hey there and thanks for choosing Edit Source to connect with your private photo editor!

After Katelyn James shared about me in April 2016, I received over 200 editing inquiries over the next couple months. It became so apparent that there was a huge need for more private photo editors in the industry! I’m so excited to bring this site to photographers so they can quickly connect with an editor that matches their style!

I think photographers and private editors are a perfect match for eachother, and as a team we can all work in our dream careers while still living our dream lifestyle!!!

Marissa Lynn